E3 2010: Comic Jumper Hands-On (Xbox Live Arcade)

Sat, Jun 19, 2010

Casual, Console

From the creators of Splosion Man and The Maw is Comic Jumper; I was able to get a quick hands-on demo of the game with a developer helping me along the way.
Comic Jumper follows the story of a comic book hero who is past his prime with a failing comic book under his belt. Readership is dropping and the hero is getting desperate to help bring back those lost readers with some desperate measures.
Those desperate measures included jumping in to other comics and experimenting with new styles of comics. As far as I could tell, the game revolved around driving the hero to the right of the screen to finish the level. There are plenty of enemies along the way and are easily disposed of with  our hero’s gun and melee attacks.
Where Comic Jumper really impressed me was with its art style. Twisted Pixel makes beautiful games in general and Comic Jumper was no exception. We’ll keep you informed about Comic Jumper as it nears closer to release.
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