E3 2010: A Look at The Sims 3 for Console (Multi)

Sat, Jun 19, 2010

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At the E3 Expo, EA was displaying their upcoming console version of The Sims 3. Along with some sweet swag, EA was kind enough to allow us to preview the game. While I did not actually play the demo, the game was being played live for the demonstration.

The Sims 3 looks to literally take the PC version of the game and shove it on the console with some new social features and karma powers. The former is very simple in that it is what allows you to create content within the game and share it with your friends on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. The Wii version does not have this sharing feature but instead incorporates some exclusive multiplayer mini games.

The other new feature in the console version are the karma powers. Karma powers can significantly change the course of a Sims’ day by altering main functions of that Sim. One karma power shown was one that gave a sim a “Lucky Day” and allowed him to flirt with other Sims much more easily. Another shown gave a sim a bad day in which he was exhausted, sick, irritable and had a full bladder; essentially ruining his day.
A few other karma powers shown effected the whole house by having an earthquake and a fire. Karma powers were described as needing karma points which can be earned by fulfilling your Sims’ ambitions as seen in the PC version of The Sims 3.

These new features along with no previous availability will make The Sims 3 for console an easy choice for the casual gamer when it releases October 26th. A version is also being created for the Nintendo DS but was not shown.

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