E3 2010: A Look At Shaun White Skateboarding (Multi-platform)

Wed, Jun 16, 2010

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At this year’s E3, Shaun White was on hand at the Ubisoft press conference to show off his new video game, Shaun White Skateboarding. The team at Frisky Mongoose was luck enough to be on hand for the demo, and we’ve got all the details for you here.

Before you start thinking that Shaun White Skateboarding is strictly a realistic skateboarding simulator, let me inform you that the game is really anything but. If anything, the title can be most easily compared to de  Blob, a THQ title released on the Wii that sees you bouncing into and off of objects to restore color to them in a colorless world. The same can be said for Shaun White Skateboarding, except instead of picking up colors of ink to repaint the town (like in de Blob), you instead perform tricks as Shaun White and watch the vibrancy of the game world return.

The storyline is as such – the Ministry wants to remove all of the fun from society, and along with that, have removed all color and anything resembling “life” as well. Color comes back to the world as you land after doing tricks, with the ground receiving a sort of shock-wave or pulse of color that extends for a small area outwards. A quest system will allow you to keep track of smaller goals in the game, like “grind along the propaganda screens 0/3″ for example.

One of the biggest gameplay elements seems to be the introduction of “Reshaping.” Objects like grind rails and the beginning portions of ramps are highlighted in a bright green color. Skating onto them allows them to extend past their original form, and you can reshape them as you wish. In the case of grind rails, this means that you can extend the rail to form something that looks like a roller coaster track (if you choose) in order to reach higher platforms and the like, while ramps can be formed traveling vertically up the side of buildings.

The game features a licensed soundtrack, motion capture for Shaun’s movements, and will be a multiplatform title, playable on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and even Nintendo Wii, along with being compatible with 3d gameplay. It is scheduled for release sometime in the fall of 2010, and we’ll be sure to bring you more news about the game as it becomes available. For now though, check out the rest of our E3 2010 coverage.

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