E3 2010: A Look at Naughty Bear (Multi)

Sat, Jun 19, 2010

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At this year’s E3, we had a chance to check out the private demo for 505 Games’ Naughty Bear, a title which wasn’t shown off on the show floor. Up until now, the game has been shown off mostly in teaser trailers, which show only bits and pieces of what makes Naughty Bear, the game’s main character, just so naughty.

The game’s story itself can be compared to that of a weekly television show – all of the events are confined to a particular “episode” or level in the game, and if any characters in the game die, they’ll be back the next time around.

As it stands, the game’s overall premise sees Naughty Bear being singled out by the rest of the bears in the world. They want to kill Naughty Bear, and it’s up to you, as the cuddly little outcast, to get revenge on the bears that want to kill you.

The game will be rated T for Teen, and each level is essentially a large sand-box, allowing you to run around without a time limit, completing both primary and secondary goals. You can do as much or as little as you’d like in each level – it’s up to you.

In the demo we saw, Chubby Bear is running for election and his campaign’s primary goal is to kill Naughty Bear. Your ultimate goal for the level, then, will be to eliminate Chubby Bear, but you’ll also have collection quests and the like that are completely voluntary, but add to the game’s content.

All of your actions in the game will contain some level of “naughtiness” but just how naughty you want to be is up to you. As one particular example, you can set a bear trap in a doorway, wait for a bear to walk through it, and then can either release the bear and allow him to be scared and run off, earning you a specific amount of points, or you can kill the bear outright, and end any possibility you would have had of earning more points. It should be noted that if killing bears would bother you, you can finish the entire game without killing a single one.

To be specific, each bear can be “farmed” of a limited amount of points – the more naughty things you do to the bear (scare it, hit it, set traps for it, and so on), the more scared or mentally taxed the bear will become, until they’ll eventually give off a light glow, letting you know that they have nothing left to give you. You can either leave them alone at this point, or you can perform one more naughty task to let the bear finish him or herself off.

What’s more, in addition to performing an act to an individual bear, if other bears happen to be nearby and witness the event, they too will become emotionally distressed, raising your point multiplier (all actions rise it – the more naughty the action, the larger the boost), and creating more chaos in the process. By chaos, this could mean anything from the bears simply running around frightened, to them grabbing their own weapons and coming after Naughty Bear to kill him.

Most bears are scared of the woods (ninja bodyguard bears are an exception to this), so you’ll be able to jump into the forest at any time to escape your foes, and bears will eventually call for backup (police officers, ninjas and so on) when they get really scared.

As you complete levels, you’ll unlock new costumes, medals and achievements for your actions, and you’ll be able to replay levels to increase your high scores, along with sending those scores to global leaderboards.

Naughty Bear will be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 29.

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