E3 2010: A Look at Fable III’s Character Expressions (Xbox 360)

Sat, Jun 19, 2010

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Fable III, from Lionhead Studios, was shown off at Microsoft’s booth at this year’s E3. I had a chance to go hands-on with the title, and found that while the game is basically more of the same; that is, if you like Fable II, the gameplay here hasn’t really been changed – some of the “out-of-mission” features have been upgraded, especially in the way of character animations, which have become much more interactive.

Now, when you stop a person walking down your path, you’ll see that your character interactions have become more realistic, both for rude / evil or polite / good characters. First, you can now hold hands with non-playable characters by simply holding down on the Left Trigger button. Conversely, if you’d rather be bad, you can hold a character’s head to your player’s behind and pass gas in their face, as one example.

Before, these actions were simply performed with your character standing away from the target non-playable character. Now, though, as both the of the above examples have shown, you’ll actually touch the person in front of you. As another example, threatening a person sees you grabbing them by the collar of their shirts, pulling them up to you, and waving your fist in their face.

These are the examples that were available to us in the demo, but we’re sure that we’ll all find more to choose from when the title launches in full on October 26.

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