Dublin Challenge Mission Chapter 2 Now Open in Mafia Wars

Tue, Sep 28, 2010

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Last week, Zynga launched a new challenge mission in Mafia Wars entitled Challenge Mission: Dublin – Rob the National Bank. This week, Chapter 2 of the mission has been released, but in order to access it, you will first have to complete Chapter 1 (check out our coverage of Chapter 1 by clicking on this link).

Chapter 2 is entitled “Ireland Hopping,” and like Chapter 1, it comes with four jobs that must be mastered in order to finish the chapter and receive your reward. The jobs are “Get the Money to a Waiting Jet,” “Fly to a Caribbean Island,” “Launder the Money in an ‘Offshore’ Account,” and “Pipe the Funds Back to Ireland.”

When your Job Heat Meter is completely empty, the jobs will take 2, 3, or 4 Pints of Stout to complete, along with energy ranging from 22 points to 55 points per click of the “Do Job” button, depending on the job. Remember, you’ll need to tackle these jobs one at a time, as the second job isn’t unlocked to complete until after you’ve reached 100% on the first, and so on.

Once the authorities start catching onto your actions (that is, as the Job Heat Meter fills), the amount of Stouts required and the energy required to do the jobs becomes higher, until you allow the eight hours to pass to empty the Job Heat Meter.

Once you master all four jobs in Chapter 2 (that is, one you reach 100% completion in all four jobs), you’ll earn the Black Irish pistol, a gun that comes with some very impressive stats – 84 Attack and 59 Defense. You’ll also be given the right to take on Chapter 3 of the Dublin Mission, once it unlocks in around 4 days.

As this is a time-sensitive mission, make sure to head over to Mafia Wars on Facebook sooner, rather than later, to have the best chance at finishing Dublin as possible.

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