DriveThruRPG Offering Massive Book Bundle for Haiti Relief

Thu, Jan 21, 2010


Admit it — you thought charisma was a dump stat, didn’t you? Well, tell that to the kind and generous folks at, who are currently offering a massive collection of RPG source material at rock-bottom prices, all in the name of collecting for Haiti earthquake relief. DriveThruRPG, which sells PDF versions of tabletop gaming sourcebooks and supplements, asks merely for a $20 donation to Doctors Without Borders, and in return, they will give you a bundle of material ordinarily priced at $1,481.

You read that correctly: For $20, you will receive over a thousand dollars in RPG literature for digital download. Let’s face it, as much as we all love what online social media makes possible in gaming, the original “social” game happens around a table with other human beings. Help out a worthy cause, break out the d20s, and long live the tabletop game!

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