Dress Your YoVille Avatar in Some Luxurious New Threads

Mon, May 17, 2010

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To go along with your newly themed luxurious home in YoVille, you’ll need some equally extravagant clothing for your avatar to go along with it. Luckily, Zynga has released just the thing in the YoVille clothing store.

You can purchase items like gold, silver and purple dresses, strappy sandals, fur coats, necklaces, hair bows, and even a “Smoky Holder,” which is a female cigarette holder (cigarettes in YoVille, Zynga?), just to name a few.

As you’d expect by this point, some items here go for YoCash and some go for coins. Also “as usual,” the outfits themselves cost coins, while the accessory items like the hair bows and briefcases cost YoCash, meaning that if you’d like to truly complete your ensemble with themed items, you’ll need to be willing to shell out a bit of premium currency.

If that’s the case, or even if you’re just looking to pick up some coin items from this theme, head over to the game’s page on Facebook and start shopping (note that these items are located in the same section of the Clothing store as the previously released Yacht/Tycoon clothing items, and they are not in their own individual section – you’ll need to scroll through a few pages of older items to find these).

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