Dress Your YoVille Avatar in New Hollywood Attire

Fri, May 28, 2010

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Now that you’ve been able to purchase the Classic Hollywood Mansion in YoVille and fill both its living room and bedrooms with complementary items, it’s only right that your avatar looks the part when enjoying it. To help in this is the new set of Hollywood clothing items available in the YoVille Clothing Store.

There, you’ll find lots of handheld items like a Clapboard, YoVille’s version of an Emmy, a Megaphone, Movie Reel, Popcorn and more, while girl avatars will also be able to wear Marilyn Monroe’s infamous white dress, or dress up as a Movie Theater Usher or Director (as both outfits are specifically labeled as “Female,” we’re assuming that a “Male” version of both is also available).

When it comes time to purchase these items, you’ll more than likely be spending YoCash, as nine of the twelve available items are only available for the game’s premium currency, with the three exceptions being the Director’s Outfit, Monroe’s dress, and the Usher Outfit.

While the Classic Hollywood furniture items are more stylish and refined, these items are more playful, which is a nice touch. Do you want to dress your avatar in any of them? Head over to the game’s page to start shopping.

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