Dress Your YoVille Avatar as a YoMart Clerk

Fri, Jun 4, 2010

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Now that you’ve purchased a YoMart Convenience Store in YoVille, and filled it with loads of goodies for your imaginary customers to purchase, you’ll need to outfit your avatar with the proper attire to match.

In comes Zynga to help you do this, with the release of four clothing and accessory items befitting the theme. In terms of clothing, you have but one option – a Convenience Store Uniform, which will set you back 3,000 coins.

The other three items are YoCash items, and are also all hand-held items that come in the form of an Ice Drink (an ICEE of sorts), a Pretzel, and a Hot Dog. The Ice Drink will set you back 8 YoCash while the other two cost 9 YoCash each.

There may not be very many items here, but you can purchase what is available by heading over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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