Dress Your Character Like Cupid in YoVille

Sat, Feb 6, 2010

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To go along with the new Valentine’s Day themed home décor and Heart House, Zynga has released a set of romantic new fashions to YoVille’s Clothing Store.

There are clothing and accessories available for both boys and girls that will help anyone take on the look of cupid. Wings, bows and arrows, various hats, and balloons are available, with most coming in both a Pro-Valentine’s Day version, and an Anti-Valentine’s Day version, similar to the setup of the home decorations.

However, with the exception of the standard Cupid outfit (sans accessories), if you wish to express yourself with any of these items, you’ll be forced to spend YoCash – anywhere from 6 to 20 YoCash per item. Either that, or resort to spending exorbitant amounts of coins to get someone to trade with you.

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  • izzypadua

    how can i earn yocash in yoville cash i did know how to earn yocash in yoville ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/blshaul Brandy Shaul

    Unlike something like FarmVille or Mafia Wars, where you earn Farm Cash and Godfather Points upon leveling up, you'll have to spend real money (paypal, credit, debit, redeemable game card) to receive YoCash.

    Conversely, if there's some YoCash-only item that you simply MUST have, you can always trade coins with someone who has purchased the item to resell.