Dragons Are in Season; Titans Are Also in Season

Thu, Jul 18, 2013

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Being around Dragons and Titans is fairly dangerous; that much should be a no-brainer. Over 600,000 users of the game have figured that out so far. What happens, though, when those Dragons and Titans go into season? Well, they get much more aggressive, putting on epic battles for dominance and generally slaughtering everyone and everything around them. The Dragons and Titans in Dragons and Titans from Wyrmbyte (a TriplePoint client) are no exception, and since this month marks the start of the game’s first “competitive season,” with new leaderboards opening up for the top contenders of the summer, I think we can expect the already heated battles (heated by fire-breath) to heat up to worrisome levels.

Basically, in addition to the new dragons, new features, and new weapons that have been added to the game since launch, Wyrmbyte has also added Hephaestus’ Lair, a Titan to make weapons even deadlier, which — just like Dragons coming into season — will result in epic battles for dominance, big flamboyant displays of skill, etc. Look, just — just either get into the action and survive by killing everyone else, or stay out of the way. Okay?

From the press release:

Leaderboards have been added to Dragons and Titans, with the first full competitive season running from July 1 to September 30. Seasons will run for a limited period of time, and the top 100 ranked players at the end of each season will receive an exclusive Avatar for their Dragons. To help shape game development, Dragons and Titans enthusiasts can apply to join the Council Lord group, a select body of players who are able to play on test servers and provide critical feedback for the developers at Wyrmbyte on new additions to the game. To become a Council Lord, visit the forums here for requirements and steps on how to apply.

If you haven’t tried Dragons and Titans yet, you can check it out here.

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