Doodle Find Now On iPad, Updated for iOS4

Mon, Jun 28, 2010

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With the brand new release of the iPhone 4 and its beautiful retina display, Doodle Find has been updated to support the new screen to its fullest potential. What this generally means is that the resolution of images and text used in the app have been bumped up so that it is much more pleasant to play on the new iPhone 4.

Along with the iPhone 4 update, Klicktock has updated Doodle Find to include iOS4 support including multitasking. Now when switching apps, you don’t have to necessarily quit Doodle Find. Now, your game will simply be put on hold while you check and use other apps on your iPhone. Remember: Multitasking in iOS4 is only available in the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 models.

Lastly, Doodle Find found the new iPad to be an excellent addition to the iPad world and released the app universally, which means it will work on the iPhone and iPad natively. No new features are in the iPad version, but I would expect the resolution to be much sharper to handle the iPad’s larger screen.

Doodle Find remains an extremely popular game for the iOS platform, and with these welcomed updates, I would assume it should stay on the top of the charts for more time to come. Oh, it also helps that it’s absolutely free too.

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