Don’t Waste Dracula’s Time

Wed, Sep 19, 2012

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Do you know how busy Dracula is? Do you understand how valuable a vampire’s time must be? Look, Dracula has stuff to do — he has to handle an entire hotel, arranging for room service, cleaning, and other ridiculous monster demands, and his working hours are necessarily limited to between dusk and dawn. Dracula does not have time for your crap. Unless you’re here to help, in which case, welcome to Hotel Transylvania Dash, a new adaptation of Hotel Dash from TriplePoint client PlayFirst.

If you’re familiar with the long-running “Dash” series of time-management games from PlayFirst, then you probably know your way around diners, kitchens, and weddings by now. Hotel Transylvania Dash serves to bring the fast-paced gameplay to fans of the new Hotel Transylvania film. From the press release:

Players begin in the main lobby of the hotel and journey through 30 exciting levels and two additional hotel wings, renovating and improving the hotel as they go. In true Dash fashion, Hotel Transylvania Dash challenges players to race against the clock and juggle multiple demands from lively monster guests, including the SwampMonster’s requests for fresh towels and Mrs. Blob’s double order of room service to feed her monster appetite! Players can shop for more than 40 spooky-chic hotel decorations and enhancements to create a luxuriously eerie getaway.

Just because someone offers in-app purchases doesn’t mean they’re bloodsuckers. Go check it out.

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