Don’t Fry the Frog, Cut Down on Trans Fats

Thu, Feb 16, 2012

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TriplePoint client Blacktorch Games has some valuable health advice for you: Don’t Fry the Frog. You can get just as much flavor by broiling or sauteing, and it’s better for your arteries in the long run. Apparently, not frying the frog is also good for the frog’s health, so long as it’s still alive in an upcoming iOS title which involves insects and an overabundance of electric current. You’ve got to zap a mess of flies for the game’s frog — inventively named “Frog” — but just Don’t Fry the Frog. Sounds simple enough, if perhaps unappetizing.


In Dont Fry The Frog, players will follow Frog, an amiable amphibian with an insatiable appetite, as he travels around his pond looking for food. Gamers will create an electric current between their two fingers on the screen, which can be moved around the pond. The game features different types of flies that have various effects on Frog. Players must use the electric beam to zap bad flies while making sure to not shock Frog or any of the healthy flies.

If you do fry him, mind you, just make sure you spend an extra hour on the stairmaster that week.

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