Dogs Wearing GUNNARS: Alphie

Fri, Apr 6, 2012

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Meet Alphie Wageman. He’s sporting a pair of GUNNAR Optik’s Anime glasses (in Onyx, to match his stylish fur coat).

Alphie recently relocated from LA to San Francisco, but he still wears sunglasses indoors and at night whenever possible. And at the very least, you’ll find him in tinted computer eyewear whenever he’s supervising humans at work. Alphie is an eclectic mix of Brussels Griffon and Miniature Schnauzer, with 9+ years experience in pork rawhide consumption, inopportune barking and furry companionship.

Doesn’t he look snazzy?

Sure, GUNNAR’s technology eyewear may reap more benefits for humans (like decreasing eye fatigue and strain for gamers), but the fact is, hands down – dogs win in the adorable wear department.

The ‘goose is rounding up photos from pups nationwide, and we’re excited to kick off our “Dogs Wearing GUNNARS” series, partially in celebration of PAX East, but mostly because it’s just good ol’ nerdy fun…

Check back next week for another mongoose-loving, GUNNAR-wearing fuzzball (who doubles as a tater tot), and if you’ve got a dog… put some GUNNAR Optiks on it already, and share your photos for a chance to be featured!

Get some high-tech glasses action of your own on Facebook or Twitter, if you’re awesome.

GUNNAR Optiks is a TriplePoint client. 


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