Dogs of War Online Includes Lion, Wolf, and Ram Factions, No Dog Faction

Tue, May 28, 2013

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The last time we discussed Dogs of War Online, I was needlessly confrontational about the upcoming game from TriplePoint client Cyanide because the game had Confrontation at its very core. Now, though, they’ve revealed the three available factions for players to work with in the game, and they’re the Lion, Wolf, and Ram factions. Last I checked, the game was not called Lions, Wolves, or Rams of War! Where is the dog faction, eh? I hate to keep picking fights on this, you guys, but you seem to keep giving me reasons to fight with you about your game where you pick fights with people.

From the press release:

Different types of fighters will be available in each of the three factions, allowing players to create a group of mercenaries suited to the desired level and style of play. Players are then tasked with implementing arena combat strategy. Battles employ turn-based combat to reinforce the tactical aspect and maintain the spirit of the board game. The adventure continues when players are tasked with sending troops on missions, alone or in co-op mode with other players, to increase reward. Finally, players are tasked with maintaining harmony within their army as troops are prone to deserting and raising tension amongst themselves!

Dogs of War Online is going to be free-to-play on PC later this year.

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