Does Apple Still Have Something Up Its Sleeve For iSlate?

Mon, Mar 29, 2010

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Yes, the iPad is indeed not called the iSlate, not at all. However, TechCrunch believes that Apple isn’t done with iSlate in that Apple still owns many properties and trademarks centered around the name. On the Apple website for instance, you can search for “iSlate” and it will return iPad. Seems pretty interesting considering that Apple never actually referred to the iPad as that name and appears to have no plans concerning that.

Along with that finding, Apple owns the domain which would most likely redirect to the product page if it actually existed. Also, in February 2010, Apple filed for a six month extension request on the “iSlate” trademark which was approved in March.

I suppose it appears that Apple may have something up its sleeve concerning the “iSlate.” Whichever that is, only Mr. Jobs could tell. Maybe it was something to do with the “iPad” trademark not initially being Apple’s or maybe it’s for a future product. I think it could very well be some sort of drawing app for the iPad.

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    Apple went to a lot of work to secure the name iSlate (registered every countries top level domains and created a shell company to trademark it) just to let it go, I don't think so.