DodoGo! Now Available On Nintendo DSi

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

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Yesterday, Alien After All and Neko Entertainment announced the release of DodoGo! on the Nintendo DSi Shop. DodoGo! is an action-adventure / strategy title that tasks you with saving the nearly extinct Dodo species (this is a game, so let your imagination run wild for a moment, won’t you?).

The game contains nearly 100 levels that see you guiding the poor Dodo bird eggs across perilous landscapes, avoiding pitfalls, predators, obstacles and more all in an effort to remove the eggs from the ever-impending threat of extinction.

Using the DS’s stylus, you’ll interact with your surroundings and can inform your pack of eggs to perform all manner of actions, including the basics like stopping and starting, but also regrouping, jumping, climbing, and more (even commands that see them completing U-turns or catapulting across larger distances).

“Most scientists think that the Dodo bird has been extinct since the 1600s, but this new title for the Nintendo DSi will give players a ‘stylush’ chance to interact with the Dodo in the 21st century,” said Denis Mercier, creator and director of DodoGo!, via a company press release. “With DodoGo!we aimed to bring an all-new form of engaging gameplay that will challenge the imagination and creativity of players of all ages.”

DodoGo! is now available on the Nintendo DSi Shop for 800 points.

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