Do Video Games Need a “Billboard Top Ten”?

Sun, Jul 4, 2010


One of the enduring things about movies and music is that the “top 10″ songs, albums and movies are all pretty well known. Not so much with video games, claims Entertainment Software Association Presdient Mike Gallagher.

“I do think that the movie industry has a significant advantage over other forms of media because on Monday morning… whether you are driving, or looking at the newspaper, what’s there: The top ten movies. What’s next to that? Numbers. I don’t know if they are completely accurate, but we’re trained to believe they are. And that helps the movie industry,” Gallagher was quoted as saying by IndustryGamers

“I think there is thought, because you now have significant revenue, and growth and investment and where that flows you tend to get better information. Reporters ask for it, investors certainly do and then there are consumers. There is an advantage to the companies to figure out a way to report that,” Gallagher added.

I’m definitely not opposed to having more information on game sales as a reporter of the industry, but I’m not sure that it will have a dramatic visibility effect. If anything, it’s simply nice to have as many data points as possible.

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