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Thu, Aug 19, 2010

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While there are a few options for space-based gameplay on Facebook, most of these games (like Space Empires, for instance) take a realistic approach to the genre, offering a look at what would happen if humans ventured into space and had to survive by exploring the planets. Morphee Interactive has taken the space-exploration genre and turned it into a cartoon-filled battle game called Galamon.

Galamon sees you commanding a group of galamons in a sort of army, docking in the central planet of a galaxy, only to venture out to the various orbits to attack the planets that circle around the center. Battles are set up with your army going against a rival clan. At the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to choose whether or not you want your army to be comprised of Aliens, Pirates or Ninjas, and you’ll be able to fight members of the other groups as you go along.

Each battle itself plays out automatically. If you’re familiar with the various sports-themed games on Facebook, the title is quite similar, in that your main role in the game will be to develop the strongest army possible by keeping track of each Galamon’s stats and strengths, and letting them do the dirty work during actual battles. You can either watch these battles unfold, as both sides take turns attacking each other in the hopes of whittling down the opponent team’s HP bar to the point of defeat, or you can skip the battle and warp straight to the results screen, showing you if you won the battle, and if so, how much experience and money you won as a reward.

Over time, you’ll collect Galamon eggs which can be incubated and hatched to offer you more members for your army, and your current team can be trained to perform better in battle via special machines that you place inside your spaceship. To put it simply, your spaceship serves as your home, and is able to be decorated as such, with new wallpapers, flooring types, decorative items, and the aforementioned machines, which train your Galamons over time (you’ll have to manually drop a Galamon onto a machine for it to work – the process is not automatic).

As you win battles, you’ll unlock more galaxies, with more plants to explore and conquer. You’ll also work your way through an incredibly detailed list of achievements (as of this writing, there are 144 to win), with rewards ranging from simply spending a lot of money in the store, to defeating a certain number of planets in a row.

Galamon has only been available on Facebook for a matter of days, and already has a few thousand players exploring the far reaches of space within it. If you want to join them, you can do so by heading over to the game’s page on Facebook. Remember to take a look at our Frisky Hands-On video below, to see exactly what to expect should you decide to blast off into space.

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