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Tue, Sep 7, 2010

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After releasing Millionaire City on Facebook back in May, the game took off with users who appreciated the mix of quest-based and city-building gameplay. Now, Digital Chocolate has ported the game to iPhone with an app of the same name, available to download for free.

While Millionaire City on the iPhone is similar in many ways to the Facebook game, there are some clear differences. First, the comparisons – both games ask you to build homes, rent those homes out to tenants (the game’s version of contracts, lasting various amounts of time, but always rewarding you with more than you spent), and purchase businesses that those tenants peruse, thus earning you even more money. These businesses can be Coffee or Pizza Shops – basic businesses that any town would probably have.

Quests will ask you to fulfill certain objectives, like adding decorations around properties, having a certain amount of friends, or collecting a specific amount of rent, and you’ll earn bonus funds for completing these quests. All of the above help you earn experience points and level up, so that you can unlock more homes and businesses, along with quests, and continue the cycle of gameplay indenfinitely.

Where the iPhone game differs from the Facebook game is in some of the technical aspects. First, there doesn’t appear to be a Move tool available in the iPhone version of the game. On Facebook, you can move already constructed items from one square to another if you’d like to redesign your town. On the iPhone, no such ability exists – if you want to remove an item, you have to demolish it. You earn a bit of a refund of the purchase price when doing so, but you’ll have to shell out the full purchase price again to replace the item somewhere else in town.

Next, the app doesn’t allow you to visit other peoples’ towns. You can hire your Facebook friends who also have the app, by signing into Facebook on the app and inviting friends through wall posts, and these hired friends act as managers in your town, adding to your profits every time you cash out a contract and the like.

While these two differences might be considered negatives, a shining positive is the ability to much more easily earn money in the iPhone app as compared to playing the game on Facebook. This allows you to purchase more homes and businesses, thereby leveling up a bit quicker than you would otherwise.

If you’d like to try Millionaire City on the iPhone, make sure to download the game from iTunes.

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