Demand Looks to be Higher for the iPad Than it Was for the iPhone

Mon, Mar 1, 2010

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As reported by the Business Journal, demand for Apple’s yet-to-be-released iPad tablet is looking to be higher than the demand seen for the iPhone before its launch.

The evidence comes from a recent study by RBC and ChangeWave Research that shows that of the 3200 people surveyed, 13 percent felt confident that they would buy an iPad when it launches. This is higher than the 9 percent that said they wanted to buy an iPhone pre-launch.

The gadgets’ price points seem to be the major swaying point for users, as 28 percent feel that the iPhone was too expensive to consider a purchase, while only 8 percent are feeling that way about the iPad. With the economy still under heavy strain, and consumers still taking a hard look at where their dollars go, this figure seems quite telling, and helps to support Apple’s push to make the iPad’s functionality seem irresistible to users.

Let’s just hope that the iPad lives up to our high expectations when it launches in April.

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