Daily Food Bonus Emails, Fiery Fall Items – FrontierVille Updates!

Sat, Sep 18, 2010

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If you are a member of the FarmVille Daily Fuel Boost email list, you’ll be happy to know that a similar list has been created for FrontierVille, offering users food, rather than fuel. In other game news, we see the launch of some fun fall items in the game’s store. We’ll give you a complete rundown of the newly available items.

Receive Free Food on Daily Food Email List

The next time you login to FrontierVille, regardless of your level, you should receive a piece of mail from Frontier Jack. Open it, and you’ll see that Shears, Nubuck and Co. (a fun take on Sears, Roebuck, and Co.) would like to make you a great offer – one free food item, delivered straight to your email inbox once a day!

All you have to do to receive these daily bonuses is click on the “Okay” button that appears in the menu above. Once you do, you’ll receive your first free food item either that day, or the next. The emails appear much as the FarmVille free fuel ones do, simply saying “Email Exclusive – Daily Energy Bonus” in the subject line.

Inside, you’ll see a “Get Energy” button that, once clicked, will load Facebook in a new window, rewarding you with the random food item you receive that day. It could be a Light Snack, Breakfast, or even a Lunch (among others) – it all depends on how lucky you happen to be that day.

The link in the email will remain active for 24 hours. If you click on the email the next day, you’ll find your food has spoiled, and you won’t be able to claim another free bonus until you receive an entirely new email the next day.

Are you going to sign up for the Daily Energy Bonus email list? Why or why not?

New Fall Decorations Are On Fire!

With the chill of fall on the horizon, Zynga wants all users to have a chance to warm up their Homesteads with the help of a little “man made” heat. These new decorative items contain fire, are used to make fire, or are otherwise hot or warm in some way. They include a variety of limited edition and standard items, as well as containing both premium and non-premium options.

For the limited edition items, we see a Ring of Fire, Smoke Signaler, Chugging Burner, Wood Bin and Wood Pile available to purchase for anywhere from 1500 coins to 45 Horseshoes. These items will be available in the game for the next nine days, giving you a bit of time yet to decide which ones to purchase.

Meanwhile, the standard items are the Hot Furnace, Raised Campfire, Tiki Torch, and Log Campfire. These range in price from 6000 coins to 20 Horeseshoes, depending on the item you’re interested in.

Along with the previously released (and still available) Camping items – whose limited edition items will be available for two more days – you can now create an even more bustling campsite (and comfortable, warm environment for your avatars) on your Homestead.

Head over to FrontierVille on Facebook to purchase any of these new items for yourself.

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