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Thu, Sep 16, 2010

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After adding new cars that your YoVille avatars can “drive” around in on the world’s maps, Zynga has added another in-depth feature to the game in the form of new exotic pets.

These pets can be dressed up, trained to do tricks, and even allowed to walk around with you, just like those YoVille Cars can come with your avatar as you explore the game’s stores or your friends’ homes.

These new pets can be purchased in the YoVille Pet Shelter. You can choose between 4 pets, including a Pomerania, Unicorn, Lion, or a Siamese Cat. Pets cost anywhere from 20 YoCash for the Pomeranian and Siamese Kitten to 35 YoCash for the Unicorn.

Once you purchase a pet, you can train it do learn how to speak, play, or sit. To do this, you’ll need to feed your pet biscuits, just as you have to feed your dogs biscuits in Zynga’s FarmVille. There are multiple ways to go about receiving Biscuits. You can either purchase them or you can receive them from friends (these are NOT available via the game’s free gifts page).

After your pet has learned all of its available tricks, you can grow it up from a baby animal into an adult animal. With an adult animal, you can dress it up with various clothing and accessory items, which are available to purchase from the “Drag and Drop” store that appears when you go to customize your pet (simply click on the pet, and click on the “Change Clothing” option).

You’ll be able to drag and drop the appropriate items onto your pet, click the save button, and voila – your pet has a fancy new outfit!

As for having your pet follow you around the game world, this is accomplished via pet licenses, that are separate purchases. There are two kinds of licenses available to purchase – temporary ones and permanent ones.

If you’re one of the many YoVille players that own a pet previously released in the game (say, the Cheshire Cat from the Alice in Wonderland theme, as an example), you’ll be able to teach these pets tricks, and have them follow you around your room. You can also purchase pet licenses for them to follow you around the game world, but unfortunately, you can’t dress them up. Again, to dress up your pet, you must purchase one of these new options.

We’ll be sure to have more details concerning these new pets (and the pet licenses that can also be purchased) as it becomes available in the game. For now, head over to the game’s page to purchase one of these new pets, and let us know what you think of them in the comments!

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