Curious as to What Rewards Await You as You Level in Restaurant City? Wonder No More

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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If you haven’t been playing Restaurant City for long, or, perhaps if you’ve only been playing the game casually, the game’s level cap of 65 might not have been brought to your attention. However, for those who wish to someday attain that high peak, Social Games Help has posted a guide containing the details of all 65 levels, including the amount of Gourmet (read: experience) Points necessary to earn it, and the reward you’ll receive upon reaching it.

The guide actually is quite informative, as it gives you a tangible goal and, for those that read into it, a potential timeline for when you’ll level up next. That is, if you earn roughly the same amount of Gourmet Points everyday, you’ll be able to guesstimate when you’ll unlock a bigger restaurant or access to more employees.

To have a look at the guide for yourself, head over to Social Games Help.

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