Crytek Stays on Cutting Edge of Flicking & Rolling

Mon, Jul 2, 2012

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TriplePoint client Crytek is prone to feats of technological magnificence. When they’re not redefining high-end graphics for the PC gaming world, they’re establishing similar mastery over mobile platforms — proving to the world that you can create a game where it’s possible to flick and roll things in a single title. Unthinkable, I know, but they did it! Today, though, Crytek has outdone even themselves. They said it was impossible, but Crytek has raised the bar yet again… Fibble – Flick ‘n’ Roll now has even more flicking and rolling. Every so often, something like this comes along to remind you that we really are living in the future.

From the press release:

The latest version of the game boasts many new features, including a new area to explore with eight challenging new levels. Additionally, Fibble and his crew members are reunited with Klonk, the forgotten friend they previously left behind! Klonk introduces alternative ways to play as the mission continues to help Fibble and company return home. Also, ‘lost files’ are revealed, which present nine new levels in the existing areas of the suburban home.

Further improvements added to the gaming experience are the new Fibble skins, which players can unlock by completing certain levels. With the newly integrated iCloud Support, players can now back-up their saved game to iCloud and re-install the game again without having to start from the beginning. Furthermore, new social media features have been integrated, allowing you to post new high scores with witty comments to your favorite social media platforms – be it Twitter or Facebook.

No words… should’ve sent a poet. Fibble – Flick ‘n’ Roll is on celebratory sale for 99c, by the way.

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