Crushin’ Robots Should Probably Have Picked a Better Place to Invade

Thu, Mar 14, 2013

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There’s a lot we can learn from Crushin’ Robots – NYCand most of it is fairly encouraging. Other games that have foretold the robot apocalypse have inspired despair and hopelessness, but in this one, a new iOS title from TriplePoint client Falling Objects Entertainment, I’m led to believe that when the robots rise against us, we’ll be just fine.

For starters, the robot apocalypse is going to be a lot more colorful and have much more cheerful music than some games would have us believe. What’s more, the robots are not going to be hard to deal with. Yes, they’ll have strength in numbers, but in Crushin’ Robots, our first line of defense against the metal horde is a single construction worker, using improvised weapons he happens to have laying around the work site — nail guns, wrenches, the occasional tank of propane. Yes, he gets a bit of help now and then from a few passing cars, boats, and a guy in a crane, but for the most part, he handles the army all on his own.

Now, he eventually loses the fight, but here’s the thing: New York City has a lot of construction workers. It’s a city full of development and contractors are not hard to find. Can you imagine how screwed the robots are going to be if they happen to attack when there’s more than one guy on duty? If one blue-collar guy can fend off a thousand robots, how many will they have to mobilize against the entire union? Heck, that doesn’t even take into account the kind of damage we’re going to do once we alert people with actual weapons. I have to figure if we can hold them off with power tools until the national guard shows up, we’re golden.

From the press release:

A lone construction worker on a New York City rooftop is the last line of defense against an evil horde of robots crossing the river to conquer his beloved Big Apple. Turn construction equipment into instruments of destruction and keep the evil robots at bay!

Load up the automatic nail gun to destroy enemies at long range, sling heavy wrenches and lob explosive propane tanks to stop the invaders dead in their tracks. As busted robots pile up on the street below, their scrap metal is collected and can be used at the Workshop to buy new weapons and traps, upgrade existing equipment and add additional lives to the health bar.

Look at that. The robots help us by dying in the streets. Those guys are completely hosed. Go get ‘em.

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