CrowdStar’s Happy Pets is Visited by Famous Dogs

Wed, Apr 28, 2010

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In a unique item update, CrowdStar has released a quartet of new dogs in Happy Pets. These aren’t any ordinary dogs, however – they’re actually canine celebrities that have been given a visual makeover to fit the style and theme of Happy Pets animals.

CrowdStar has attempted to make a game out of the release, by asking users to guess which famous pooches the four new dogs represent, but really, they’re named in such a way that any guessing is unnecesary.

As we can see below, the four dogs are The Big Red Dog (Clifford), the Griffin Dog (Brian from Family Guy), the Gadget Dog (Brian from Inspector Gadget), and the Mystery Dog (Scooby Doo). Each is available for 78 Facebook Credits, so I hope that your wallets are full, if you’d like to purchase one. They all grow to adulthood in four days, and must be fed every 12 hours in order for them to continue growing. Also, remember that these are limited edition animals, meaning that they are available on a first-come-first-serve basis (until April 30).

CrowdStar has said this is just the “first” series of famous dogs to be released in the game – be sure to follow Frisky Mongoose on Twitter, or Like our Facebook page in order to make sure you find out when/if CrowdStar fulfills their word of adding more dogs in the future.

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