CrowdStar Releases More Lost Themed Items in Happy Island

Thu, May 6, 2010

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To go along with the new Bush Camp attraction in Happy Island, CrowdStar has added a few themed decorations to the game that are now available to purchase from the marketplace.

First, we have an Expedition Jeep, which is unlocked to users at level 24, and goes for 24,200 coins. Next, the Savannah Grass also unlocks at level 24, but it is much cheaper, costing 8,125 coins. The third item is an Acacia Tree, which you must be at least level 28 to unlock access to purchase for 26,800 coins.

A fourth decorative item comes in the form of a piece of Redwood Boardwalk, which is unlocked to users level 20 and above, and which goes for 1,350 coins per square.

Finally, two more items have been added in the “Found” item theme. As we’ve told you before, this theme is inspired by the television show Lost, and this new release sees the release of the “Found Hatch,” which can be purchased for 44 Facebook Credits, and the “Found Whitestone” ship for 69 Facebook Credits.

Head over to the game’s page to purchase any of these items for use on your own island.

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