CrowdStar Releases Islets in Happy Island

Fri, May 14, 2010

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If you’re the type of gamer that likes saving all of their earnings, rather than spending them on new items, CrowdStar may have finally released the item(s) in Happy Island to make you break out your virtual pocketbook.

Head into Archipelago view (the view that allows you to see all of your islands from an overhead perspective) and click on the Shop icon that appears. There, you’ll see a new section in the store called Islets, which contains, as of now, four self-sustaining little islands that are available to purchase regardless of your level.

These islets allow you to hold more attractions (and therefore earn more money), but, as I said, you would have had to started saving your coins for such an occasion for some time now to be able to afford them. Not only does the Polar Ice Cap cost 199 Facebook Credits (almost $20), but the other three Islets start at a million coins each.

To be more specific, the Desert Oasis costs 1 million coins and allows for you to have five more attractions, Poseidon’s Retreat also offers space for five more attractions, but at a cost of 3 million coins, while finally, the Aegean Cliffs cost a whopping 5 million coins, and allow for you to have ten more attractions.

As it’s highly unlikely that the average player will have this many coins stored away, head over to the game’s page to earn more coins so that you can one day purchase one of these Islets for yourself.

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