CrowdStar Releases Fish Snacks in Happy Aquarium

Wed, Mar 24, 2010

Happy Aquarium, Social

Are you tired of visiting your friends’ tanks in Happy Aquarium only to see unhappy, hungry fish, and a treasure chest that can’t be clicked on because the tank “needs love?”

CrowdStar has addressed this issue with the introduction of fish snacks into the game. Now, when you visit said friend’s tank that contains fish in desperate need of attention, you can feed their fish these new happiness snacks to transform their tank from a place of sorrow to one of happiness, thereby also allowing the treasure chest to be opened.

While a few coins and experience points may not sound like much incentive to click on these chests, remember that the new collectible shells are also only found in such a way, so anyone interested in collecting all of them now has a much better chance of doing so.

Everyone has been given a free 200 shakes of fish snacks to get them started, so head over to the game’s page to put yours to use.

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