CrowdStar Releases Eight New Horses in Happy Pets

Thu, May 27, 2010

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Happy Pets developer CrowdStar has released a whopping eight new horse breeds into the pet simulation game, but to up the ante, only four are permanent additions to the game – the other half are limited edition pets that are limited in their quantity of available units in the store.

The four limited edition horses are the Candy Unicorn, Psychedelic Horse, Plum Horse and Flame Horse. While there are still over 8,000 of the latter three horse kinds available, the Candy Unicorn is (understandably) the most limited, with around 5,400 left available. The Candy Unicorn also costs more than the other three horses, at 98 Facebook Credits, or almost $10. The other three cost 88 Facebook Credits (around $9).

Meanwhile, the four coin-availability horses may not be limited in quantity or have as impressive of color options, but their price will definitely cause you to take a second look. The Chestnut, Dun, Butter and Bluegrass horses run anywhere from 39,795 coins to 45,795 coins.

Regardless of the horse type you buy (that is, regardless of species or whether or not its a premium breed), each grows to adulthood after seven days of proper care. Likewise, all share the same feeding schedule, and need to be fed every 16 hours.

Do you have the coins available to purchase one of these new horses? How about Facebook Credits for the premium options? If the answer to either question is yes, head over to the game’s page to start shopping.

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