CrowdStar Launches It Girl on Facebook – A Frisky Hands-On

Mon, Sep 20, 2010

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Just last week, CrowdStar launched not one, but two new games on Facebook. The first was Pop Boom, which is a match-three puzzle game that we took a look at last week. The second is an entirely different animal, and comes in the form of It Girl.

It Girl allows you to create your very own avatar or “It Girl,” and you will be able to use her to shop at clothing and accessory stores, filling out your closet with items like new skirts, dresses, shoes, scarves and so on. Each piece of clothing will have a different effect on your character’s overall “hotness” and appeal. The more clothes you have, the better, with clothes also having a unique-ness rating. Of course, the more unique or rare an outfit is, the more impressive it will make you appear to the game’s many NPC’s (non-playable characters).

The game allows for free play, but also includes a Quest System, which sees you buying very specific outfits from specific stores, traveling to parties and impressing the folks you’ll find there, or otherwise completing tasks that will make you more popular and a standout amongst the crowd.

Impressing others comes in the for of Showdowns, which can be completed based on the number of energy points you have left and your health, or “Confidence” points. Showdowns will basically compare your stats with those of an in-game character. If you have a more impressive wardrobe, or are otherwise “hotter” than the other girl, you win and earn experience points and money, which can then be spent on even better clothes, admittance into parties, and so on.

It Girl allows you to travel around various districts, outside of the starting location. You can travel around Union Square and Soho so far (Soho being unlocked at level 10), and more locations both in New York and around the world will open up as the game expands in the future.

As you make your way around the city’s locations, you’ll find that clothing items are matched with particular activities or tasks during which they are appropriate to wear. That is, jeans and a t-shirt would be great for spending some time in the park, but if you’re going into a night club, you’ll need to change into something fancier, perhaps even something with some high heels or extra jewelry.

It’s in this way that shopping matters even more in the game than just as a way for you to buy pretty things for your character, as you’ll need to search the racks of the different stores to find enough clothing items of each kind to be able to walk freely about the world without worrying about not having the right outfit to wear for each occasion.

It Girl is definitely for the feminine social gamers out there, so if you or someone you know would like to give the game a try, head over to It Girl on Facebook. Before you go, make sure to check out our Frisky Hands-On video of the game below to see how the game looks in action.

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