CrowdStar Launches Hello City on Facebook

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

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While games like Broken Bulb Studios’ My Town, and more recently Playdom’s Social City have proven that the city building genre is alive and well with gamers worldwide, CrowdStar had yet to jump onto the bandwagon, that is, until this week, with the company’s release of Hello City on Facebook.

One thing to immediately point out is that you have to sign up for email updates for the game before you are ever allowed to play it (you can set it to send to your real email address or a Facebook created proxy).

Once you enter the game, you’ll find that it contains many similarities to other city-builders, and a few key differences. First, the similarities – you’ll add residential buildings to your town that add more citizens, and you’ll build commercial structures to earn money.

Earning money sees you clicking on each office, store, etc. and setting it to be open for a certain amount of time. This is akin to growing crops, or setting a dish to cook like in other games – you’re clicking on the building once to get it started, and can leave it entirely until it’s time to collect your profits later.

As your city grows, you’ll need to expand, and can ask your friends for help in removing road blocks so that you may do so, thereby allowing you to add even more homes and businesses and continue your town’s growth.

As you progress through the game, you’ll start to see that it resembles another CrowdStar tycoon game, Happy Island, in that your businesses and homes are upgradable. You’ll need a certain amount of coins and a certain amount of population in order to do so, with upgrades allowing your homes to offer more workers for your town, and your businesses to earn you more money.

If you’ve yet to try a city-building game on Facebook, but you like the gameplay of Happy Island, this might be the perfect game for you. Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to try it out!

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