CrowdStar Gaming Updates: Happy Island Adds Picnic Tables, Win Coins in Zoo Paradise Contest, & Upgrade Your Piggy Bank in Happy Pets

Tue, Jul 13, 2010

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CrowdStar has updated three of their games this week. In Happy Island, we’ve seen the release of quite a few new picnic table decorative items, while Happy Pets has seen an update to their Piggy Bank / daily prize feature. Finally, for those users playing Zoo Paradise, you can now enter a very simple contest and be eligible to win 5,000 in-game coins.

Take a Seat on New Happy Island Picnic Tables

All of that walking around a crowded resort is sure to make your tourists’ feet hurt, so why not offer them a nice place to sit and relax by adding one of the new Picnic Tables to your island?

There are five picnic table options to choose from, and I hope you’ve been saving up the coins, because they all cost the same amount – 110,000 coins. The options are the Shangri-La Picnic Table, the Tiki Picnic Table, the Greco Picnic Table, a traditional round Picnic Table and a Picnic Table + Umbrella combo.

Luckily, these items aren’t reserved for high level players, so if you happen to have saved up enough coins to afford one, feel free to head over to the game’s page to purchase it.

Win 5,000 Coins in Zoo Paradise Fan Page Contest

Looking to quickly and easily pad your virtual wallet in Zoo Paradise? Head over to the game’s official fan page on Facebook and enter into the newest contest being held there. The contest is simple – add a comment to this particular post, containing the number of what level you are in the game.

After an undisclosed amount of time, the contest will be closed and one lucky commenter (chosen at random) will receive 5,000 coins in the game, with which they can do whatever they please. Whether it’s purchasing animals, habitats, kiosks or just decorations, we’re sure you could find something to spend the free coins on, so head over to the game’s fan page for your chance to win – Good luck!

Upgrade Your Happy Pets Piggy Bank – Receive Better Daily Rewards

Clicking on the Piggy Bank in Happy Pets is one of the daily activities that many users probably take for granted. It’s a quick process that’s easily forgotten, but what if I told you that you could now receive even more coins or even a free Idol for logging in and clicking on the pig everyday?

Such a thing is now possible with the release of the Upgradeable Piggy Bank. The piggy bank can be upgraded after taking your Daily Spin. The first upgrade is available to purchase for 56 Facebook Credits ($5.60 US), and will permanently upgrade your bank to give you double the amount of coins everyday.

The second upgrade includes the first; that is, it still doubles the amount of coins you receive, but it also gives better odds that your coin bonus will be a large one.

Finally, the third upgrade includes everything from the first two steps, and adds a chance to win a free 3-Day XP Idol each and every time you play the game. As a reminder, XP idols double the amount of experience points you earn from doing regular activities for, in this case, a three day period.

Want to upgrade your own Piggy Bank in the game? Head over to the Happy Pets game page on Facebook to do so.

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