CrowdStar Adjusts Pearl Rewards in Happy Aquarium

The next time you login to Happy Aquarium, you’ll likely be met with a pop-up similar to the one at left, letting you know that CrowdStar, the game’s developer, has changed the way that Pearls are awarded in the game. While you’ll still receive a Pearl bonus each time you level up in the game, the amount of Pearls you’ll received has now increased.

While we haven’t figured out the exact formula for leveling up thus far, we do know that to compensate for the change, CrowdStar is offering users a one-time bonus of extra Pearls, with a larger amount being given away depending on your level.

As an example, as a level 23 user, I received 16 Pearls as a bonus due to the new calculations. How many bonus Pearls did you receive? Or, more importantly, if you’re a user who stopped playing Happy Aquarium due to the game’s increasing reliance on premium currency, will this be enough to make you come back?

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