CrowdStar Adds New Islet, Decorations to Happy Island Archipelago View

Mon, May 24, 2010

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Head into your archipelago view in Happy Island (the globe icon located at the right of the island selection bar), and you’ll see a new Islet, along with new decorations that are now available to purchase in the archipelago-only store.

CrowdStar’s newest islet is the Island in the Clouds. It holds 15 new attractions, and costs 299 Facebook Credits, or roughly $30.

Meanwhile, the six new attractions come in the form of an Ice Cube, Glacier, Ice Drift, Rocky Perch, Rocky Arch and Great Lighthouse. Some of the items are higher level items, with the Rocky Arch unlocking at level 35 and the Ice Drift which unlocks at level 38. As you might expect, these higher level items cost some equally high prices, at 236,000 and 320,000 coins, respectively. However, the most expensive of these items is actually the Great Lighthouse, which unlocks at level 21, and is available to purchase for 423,600 coins.

To add any of these decorations to your archipelago view in Happy Island, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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