CrowdStar Adds Level 50 Fish to Happy Aquarium

Mon, May 24, 2010

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Regardless of the Facebook game you’re playing, reaching level 50 is quite an impressive task – something to be proud of. Depending on the game, by the time you reach that point, you’re likely a master of all things concerning the game, have unlocked everything there is to unlock, and might even be running out of things to do.

So as to avoid that situation in Happy Aquarium (where users would run out of new things to do), developer CrowdStar has released a new fish to the game’s waters, and it comes in the form of a Red and White Koi Fish, which isn’t unlocked to users until they reach level 50.

The Red and White Koi Fish is a fairly expensive offering, costing 3200 coins to add to your tank. It takes 32 hours to grow to maturity, and can be customized in the same ways you’d expect from the game – both in terms of its gender, and its name. This isn’t a limited edition fish – the Red and White Koi Fish has simply been added as the last option available in the fish portion of the game’s shop.

Have you reached level 50 in Happy Aquarium yet? If so, head over to the game’s page on Facebook to pick up one or more of these new fish.

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