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Sun, Aug 15, 2010

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Even though we just barely reported on the news of Chrome to Phone yesterday, there is still surprisingly some more interesting Android news. Today, we have some awesomely creative Droid Incredible commercials and the latest news concerning the Droid Incredible’s Froyo Update.

User-Created Droid Incredible Commercials

You’ve probably heard about the Droid Incredible, but did you every hear ‘how’ incredible it really is? Well, these commercials made by some savvy users can help you find out. The commercial touts that “Droid – It Does Everything!” including being able to hook you up with hot girls. While I wouldn’t expect these commercials to start popping up on television, they’re good for a quick laugh. I have attached both of these clever videos below:

Do you find these commercials hilarious? Let us know in the comments section below.

Droid Incredible Receiving Froyo Update August 18th?

It appears that after the Evo, Droid and Nexus One, the Droid Incredible just may be the next to receive the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update. The latest supposed date? August 18th. Considering the Incredible came out before the EVO and both sport the Sense skin, it seemed odd that the EVO received the 2.2 update first.

While leaked builds of the Froyo update have been floating around the web, the official OTA release would be the most up-to-date and bug-free version. Of course, Neither Verizon or HTC is commenting on this latest release date rumor, so it’s all up in the air as of right now.

When the Incredible receives this update, we will be sure to let you know.

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