Create the Mall of Your Dreams in Mall Dreams on Facebook – A Frisky Hands-On

Mon, Sep 27, 2010


MetroGames is best known as the game developer behind apps like Fashion World and Typing Maniac, but the developer is hoping to add another app to that list of noteworthy, famous games. Their newest offering is Mall Dreams, which has already climbed to over 500,000 users in the short time that it has been available.

Mall Dreams is a tycoon title of sorts that can be most easily compared to titles like CrowdStar’s Happy Island, in that you’ll build an outdoor mall, adding shops and decorations, with the more stores you have available equating to more people shopping in your mall.

Over time, your businesses will collect profits that must be collected manually by “cashing them out” when the money bag appears over them. There are all sorts of stores already available in the game, for both coins and Facebook Credits, including, but not limited to, clothing stores, electronics stores (like those specializing in just DVD’s, as an example), burger joints, ice cream parlors and more.

At times, your mall’s customers will become lost, which is represented by a small thought bubble appearing over their head, showing the store they’d like to shop at, but can’t find. You can click on them and then click on the help button to send them in the right direction and earn rewards for yourself in the process.

Speaking of rewards, while you can spend your time simply collecting profits from your stores, purchasing more stores or upgrading the current stores to be more profitable, you’ll also be able to spend a large chunk of time completing quests in the game. These quests could be to help a certain number of guests find their way, or purchasing a certain number of stores for your mall. The rewards for these quests are coins and experience points.

You’ll earn more coins for picking up pieces of trash that appear randomly on the ground, or, if your mall is becoming too crowded, you can purchase extension “halls” that will allow you to complete more quests, or just hold more stores in general.

In terms of social features, you can visit your friends’ malls, or send then free gifts. You will also be able to hire your friends to be employees in your mall. However, unlike most games that allow you to “hire” friends, which happens instantly, here it appears as though MetroGames is taking an approach similar to that of Playfish in Hotel City, where your friends will have to accept being hired before you can actually hire them in your mall (if this changes, we’ll let you know).

Hiring friends lessens the amount of coins you have to spend on shifts, which are the overall amounts of time that your mall will stay open. The more coins you spend, the longer the mall will be open, and the more coins in profit you’ll earn by default, that is, so long as you continue to cash out your holdings to add their profits to your virtual pocketbook.

If you’d like to jump into Mall Dreams, head over to Mall Dreams’ page on Facebook. Before you go, be sure to check out our Frisky Hands-On video of the game below to see exactly what to expect should you decide to give the game a chance.

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