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Tue, Sep 7, 2010

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Meteor Games, of Ranch Town and Island Paradise fame, has launched their latest game on Facebook entitled My Sweet Shop.

Both in terms of the game’s outer appearance and in its function, My Sweet Shop is incredibly similar to Ranch Town, in that you’ll have to go about the process of running your sweet shop by growing your own ingredients and combining them in various machines to make goods that you can sell to customers for a profit.

As you’re running your own indoor store, ingredients must be grown in pots, which you must purchase from the store. This replaces the “plowing the fields” mechanic from Ranch Town. Next, you’ll grow seeds like cocoa (for all things chocolate), lemons, cinnamon, oranges, peanuts, mint and so on.

Ingredients that you can’t grow are instead delivered to you at certain intervals while playing the game. These ingredients come in the form of items like sugar and milk. Like in Ranch Town, each individual item you come across can be sold for a small profit, but it’s in combining these items, or upgrading them in some way that helps you earn the real money.

At first, you’ll have nothing but the ability to sell chocolate bars, which are created in the Chocolate Machine. To create them, you’ll have to combine sugar, milk, and chocolate into the machine and let it “cook” for one full minute for each bar created. The machine holds a limited amount of each ingredient, so you’ll need to keep refilling it in order to make a substantial profit.

In this way, My Sweet Shop isn’t really a game that can be left alone for long periods of time if you expect to level up quickly. Sure, you can plant a long-growing seed and come back to it later, but in that time, none of your machines are doing anything, and therefore you’re not selling anything.

As you level up, you’ll unlock new machines, like those that make ice cream, popping sugar and so on. Some of them require just a single ingredient to create items, while others require various combinations in recipes, if you will.

Once you have a product to sell, you must buy serving platters that can be placed on the counter. Guests will automatically enter your shop, and the process of selling your goods is also automatic.

If you’d like to try My Sweet Shop for yourself, head over to the game’s page on Facebook. Before you go, make sure to check out our Frisky Hands-On of the game below to see exactly what to expect should you decide to play it.

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  • Edeltraud Koslitz

    Hallo, habe eine Frage zu diesem Spiel, bin jetzt in level 17, habe Kokosnüsse angepflanzt und geerntet, aber nun weis ich nicht was ich damit tun soll. Es wäre super nett, wenn mir jemand helfen könnte.
    vielen Dank im voraus