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Thu, Sep 23, 2010

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It’s another Thursday, which means another new theme has officially been launched in the restaurants of Restaurant City. This week, Playfish is continuing in the upscale, sophisticated set of themes we saw beginning last week with the Coffee Bar items, as this week’s theme gives you all of the items necessary to build an elegant Garden Cafe. As usual, the items here come in two forms – those costing Playfish Cash, and those available for standard coins. Let’s start by taking a look at the latter.

The theme starts with a Richmond Chair, which looks to contain ironwork as its back. A Garden Doorway arch and Richmond Window continue that look of filigree. Four other window items are also available to purchase – three of which contain overhanging awnings, while one is simply a cafe window complete with flowers across the bottom. For true decorative items we see a Wrought Iron Divider and Divider Corner piece being paired with a lovely fountain and pond, among other decorative items. However, where the theme really comes to life is in the Outdoor Decorations section of the game’s store (this makes sense, as we are creating an “Outdoor” Cafe, after all). Here, there are a whopping 14 different plants to choose from, ranging from lare trees and expansive pre-made garden plots, to individual flower centerpieces, or even full hedge rows of flowers.

As for this theme’s premium items, you can start by matching your Richmond Chairs with Grand Richmond Tables, a new item that costs 9 Playfish Cash and can actually serve four guests at once. In addition, if you don’t like the smaller Garden Doorway, you can purchase one that is twice the size for 4 Playfish Cash, this one in the form of a Richmond Doorway, complete with stained glass work across the top, as opposed to the filigree and iron. The last two items in this theme are a Richmond Wallpaper for 6 Playfish Cash, and a functional item in the form of a Birdhouse. The Birdhouse goes for 18 Playfish Cash, but when it is placed in your restaurant, it turns all pieces of trash into birds that fly away when cleared. You’ll earn up to 8 coins for each bird you spawn.

In addition to these new items in the store, there is but one new free gift available to send to your friends. It is the Garden Gnome, which is more classic and antique in appearance than cartoony or new.

For this theme, there are three new recipes, one of which is a Dessert, while the other two are drinks. The first recipe, the Dessert, is the Key Lime Pie, available to learn with four ingredients: Lime, Egg, Milk, and Cream.

The two Drink recipes start with the Cafe Viennois, which can be learned with two Coffee Beans, one Sugar, and one Cream.

The final recipe is the Lemon and Ginger Tea, which can be learned with just three ingredients: Lemon, Ginger, and Tea Leaves.

While none of these recipes are limited in their availability, they will help your restaurant carry out the entire theme of being a Garden Cafe. Make sure to head over to Restaurant City on Facebook to browse through these recipes, or any of the decorative items we listed above.

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    he theme starts with a Richmond Chair, which looks to contain ironwork as its back.