Crafting Recipe Change, Wild West Items – FarmVille Updates!

Sun, Aug 29, 2010

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FarmVille has left the days of summer behind, as Zynga has officially launched a new limited edition theme within the game, this time taking us out west, to the Wild West to be exact. Along with these new items, found on the Animals, Buildings and Decorations tabs of the marketplace, Bakers will now notice a chance in one of their recipes in the Crafting Building. Let’s see what that is first, shall we?

Potato Onion Bread Recipe Changed

In a small update, Zynga changed the Potato Onion Bread recipe for high level Bakers in their Crafting Building. The recipe used to take a mere 30 minutes to cook, but has been altered to now require 6 hours to cook, to better fall in line with other Crafting Recipes.

Only the cooking time for the recipe has been changed – the other aspects remain the same.

Say Howdy to New Wild West Decorations

As we said above, the new Wild West theme can be found in the Animals, Buildings and Decorations tabs of the marketplace. To start us off, there are two new animals available to purchase, both for Farm Cash. A new Palouse Horse can be purchased for 26 Farm Cash, and then can be harvested from every three days. The second animal is an Armadillo, which costs 14 Farm Cash, and can also be harvested from every three days.

Moving onto the Buildings tab, you’ll find three new options thus far. The first is the Trading Post, available for 34 Farm Cash. It is a purely decorative structure, while the other two items have a function. If you didn’t want to take part in the mad-dash shovel collection for your Storage Cellar, or if you just like having above ground storage items, you’ll want to take a look at the Wild West Barn and Wild West Shed. The Barn can hold 22 items by default, and is available to purchase for 30 Farm Cash, while the Shed holds 15 items to start and costs 100,000 coins.

Finally, on the Decorations tab we find five new items. The first is the Cactus Garden, which is the only Farm Cash item so far, costing 7 Farm Cash. The other four items are the Horse Post at 150,000 coins, the Town Statue for 100,000 coins, a Corral Gate for 10,000 coins, and a single piece of Corral Fence for 5,000 coins. Note: The Horse Post appears to be the exact same item released during the Southwest theme of items that we saw in the game back at the end of April, and again during the Seven Days of Summer Sale, when the Southwest items were once again released in stores. Only then, it cost 75,000 coins, not 150,000.

Either way, if you want to browse through the Wild West items, head over to the game’s page on Facebook. There are only ten days left for this portion of the theme, but we’ll be sure to let you know when more Wild West items are released in the game.

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