Country Story Update Adds Treants, Rock Star Items

Wed, Feb 3, 2010

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You know what’s missing from the authentic farming experience in Country Story? Disco balls and gyrating hippos named “Lady Haha.” Good thing Playfish has added these items, and more, to their Facebook farming game. Most of all, however, the new update has implemented quite a few changes in the way we’ll be farming for fruit and vegetables.

Aieeegh! What is that thing?! That, my friends, is a “Treant,” and it seems to be Playfish’s new way to keep people from planting mega-orchards to rake in the profits. Every day, just one of these things will show up on your farm, and on each of your friends’ farms. You collect them, the same as you would collect wood or stones, and you spend them to plant trees. It now costs 3 treants, as well as the original coin cost, to plant each tree. In other words, if you have 15 friends or so, you can only plant 5 trees a day. So long, massive orange grove; I’ll miss you.

What’s more, the watering rules have changed. Playfish has published a lot of math about how quickly crops will run dry which I don’t fully comprehend, but here’s the important bit: “User and friend can water the plant during the growth period even if it’s not necessary. If current water level is 4, 3 or 2, water the plant will only increase water level to 4 but can’t get GP; if current water level is 1 or 0, water the plant will also get GP, 3 for water own, 1 for water friend’s.” In short, you don’t earn experience for watering anymore, unless the crop in question is dried out. However, a plot will immediately dry out now upon harvesting a plant, so there’s that. Also, the sell price for magic fruit has gone up.

Well, at least there’s some neat items, including the aforementioned hippo, who appears to be shooting sparklers out of her chest:

Yeah, I’m not sure I understand what’s going on with this update.

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