Country Story Update Adds New Crops and Items, Dozens of New Quests

Wed, Jan 6, 2010

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Like my colleague, Ms. Hancock, I’m a Facebook farming fan; my agricultural diversion of choice is Country Story, a Playfish app. The farming game has all the earmarks of its rural contemporaries, including plowing, planting, animal management, and so on. I’ve been playing the game for several months now — my farm is a respectable little agri-business, and I like to think I’ve worked out the typical routines. So, imagine my surprise, upon returning from lunch, to discover that Playfish has added a vast bounty of new content to Country Story. Victorian-themed decorations are now available, along with several new crops, and enough quests to keep both new and old players busy for quite some time.

Beyond the quaint and charming Victorian furniture and landscaping, which will hearken back to a simpler era of tooth theft and child labor, Country Story now has several new crops to plant, including potatoes, peanuts, strawberries, and more. Existing crops have also been altered regarding their cost, growth time, and trophy requirements. Mid-level players will discover they have suddenly earned many trophies while logged out.

The new quests are an extremely welcome addition, as well, with objectives now involving trees, animals, and friends’ farms.

The land has been good to us so far this year.

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