Country Story Update Adds Item Rewards, Terrifying Transparent Bears

Thu, Jan 14, 2010

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A new batch of updates have sprouted up in Playfish’s Country Story today, bringing with them plenty of new items. Not all of these items, however, are in the in-game store; the game has also added quest-exclusive decorations, only attainable through gameplay, as well as a new rewards system for bringing new farmers to the game. Read on for details!

This week’s item theme is “Candy,” and while many of the new decorations are harmless and adorable, as per usual, there are also some startlingly large gummi bears. It doesn’t help that they are dancing and hovering around on the loading screen, watching you with their empty, sugar-glistening eyes.

Yikes. Moving on:

More interestingly, Country Story has added a few collectibles that are only available by completing quests, with further tasks providing players with additional items from the same set. I logged in this morning, and in exchange for several bushels of crops, I received this friendly little fellow:

Playfish is also adding a rewards system to the game for those who bring them new players, exchanging successful invites for free animals — including the cash-only ostrich, if you can manage to add over two dozen friends. To quote the posted update for conditions, “Note that this counts ONLY if there are new players who join the game based on your invite. This means that just sending the invitations does not give you any rewards, but those you invited must also join the game. If they have played Country Story before, the acceptance will not count.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I can get that little lamb a friend if I grow some corn. Old McMongoose had a farm, and all that…

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