Country Story Offers New Daily Prizes; New Mystery Package Now Available

Mon, May 31, 2010

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Playfish has announced that the Daily Prize system in Country Story has been updated to include new items. Now, instead of just having a chance at one of a few types of seeds, you’ll be able to win Tree Fertlizer, Crop Fertilizer, Tokens (to exchange for animals, like the Pink Llama for instance), and Fish (for cats; other animal food is also apparently available), in addition to the basic seeds.

To compensate for all of these new items, the Daily Prize page now offers five bags to choose from, so you have more bags to choose from when claiming your prize.

In other Country Story news, a new Mystery Package has been added to the game. Not to be confused with the Mystery Box previously available, this Mystery Package is a delivery from the Stork, and as such, gives you a chance at rare or otherwise expensive animals, like the Gray Bunny, in addition to more basic animals like Sheep and Cows.

You’ll have three options to choose from when purchasing a Mystery Package. You can purchase a single one for 10 Playfish Cash, buy 6 for 50 Playfish Cash or go for broke with a load of 13 for 100 Playfish Cash.

What animal did you receive inside yours? Lets us know if you thought it was worth the cost in the comments!

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  • Piamif

    I bought 10 mystery packages and got 2 free and i didnt even get 1
    animals which is marked in mystery package(pig, cats or peacock)! Really mad about this i wasted 18 euros for nothing! All i got was double of animals i already had and didnt even want! Why cant you just post them so we can buy them like the normal animals. This is not fair!