Could Hulu and Natal Define On-Demand TV?

Sat, Jun 5, 2010

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One of the big rumors in the lead up to Microsoft’s E3 is that the software giant is planning on announcing Hulu support on the Xbox 360. It seems like a natural fit, considering the company has made it a habit of adding popular web destinations for entertainment ( and Netflix) to their console.

One writer seems to think that Hulu, combined with Microsoft’s already planned Natal motion-control system, will make the Xbox 360 “the most important television set-top box in the home.”

A scenario, from SocialTimes’ Neil Vidyarthi:

Imagine sitting on your couch and waving your hands to access Hulu, then typing “The Office” on an onscreen keyboard and being presented with the 5 latest episodes of The Office, viewable immediately. You make a little point gesture and the show begins to play. If Microsoft achieves this experience they may be able to do to on demand television what Apple did for digital music.

Personally, I have to err on the side of caution. While Vidyarthi’s vision of having a Minority Report-esque interface is cool, it’s all about usability, functionality, and comfort. Call me lazy, but I don’t know if I think raising my arms up to flick through movies is particularly relaxing (especially if the motion

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