Cooking is Now Cheaper in Restaurant City

Mon, Jun 7, 2010

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After listening to fan feedback concerning their massive Restaurant City update that launched last week, allowing users to cook for up to 24 hours with the press of a single button, Playfish has announced that the cooking costs for the longer cooking times have been significantly dropped.

Sure enough, where a 24 hour cooking stint once cost me (as an example) 28,400 coins, it now costs just 18,700 coins. Additionally, you might notice that your level has changed in the game.

While this doesn’t mean that you’ve lost progress (even though, as an example, I have dropped from level 38 to 37), the amount of Gourmet Points each user has to their name has once again been tweaked. When we brought you news of the new 24 hour cooking feature in the game, we were told that due to the ability to more readily earn coins and Gourmet Points for longer cooking schedules, we would have to accumulate more Gourmet Points before we could level up.

It turns out that with the basic settings released those few days ago, it would take far too substantial an amount of Gourmet points to level up, and as such, the system has been modified to require less Gourmet Points to level up, so you’ll always see your progress continuing while you play the game.

To see these new tweaks in action, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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